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Commission Info v1.3

One illustration per commission, no variants or extra versions. One Character per Illustration only. Any additional character, accessory or variant will be discussed during inquiry, before the project has been started.

Work Phases

Commission Inquiry and Payment > Drafting: Lineart and Grayscale Blocking >
Roughing: Lighting and Coloring > Polishing: Final Adjustments > File Transfers


  1. Send a commission form and I will review it.

    1. Commission info: Send a full detailed description of your character and other details, I may require an image of your character.

  2. If I express interest in the commission and both parties have mutually agreed on pushing forward, I will send the Paypal Invoice (due in 7 days). Once the form is signed and the invoice is paid, I will begin the commission.

  3. I will do the first draft then send it in. You can check the art’s composition if it follows your description. This is the time where you can ask for a revision.

  4. Once the draft is finalized, I will begin roughing and then send it in. You can check if the art’s lighting follows your description. This is the time where you can ask for a revision.

  5. Once it is finalized, I will begin refining and polishing. Once the Delivery Form is signed, I will be sending all relevant files.


  1. I reserve ownership to all images, right to post, share, or sell the commissions. Price will be doubled if you want to remove my rights.

  2. I have the rights to decline if I am not interested or feel if I cannot do the work.

  3. Asking for sample art or free early sketches is strictly prohibited.

  4. I will only do the illustration in my art style and must be aware of issues such as: same face, same body type, same or reused pose/angles/composition, fictional proportion, large breast, small nipples, sexy fat/thick bodies/ Curvy, Asian or Anime-style like faces. If the client wants a different style or different face then it will automatically be declined.

  5. The client must understand that the level of quality is more or less the same as what I usually do or what you usually see from my portfolio/gallery.

  6. The client is required to send image reference/character design, and optionally, send composition/pose for the art (in case you have something specific in mind). Using my previous works for poses/composition as reference can be easy for me to accept the commission. I do not accept moodboards with regards to character design reference.

  7. Character can only be: wearing bikini/lingerie OR nude with/without piercings.

  8. If the invoice is not paid within 7 days, the commission is automatically canceled.


  1. Only 1 free, minor revision. Any revision beyond the first one is subject to additional charges, and must be paid before work continuation. Old/Previous version/s after the revision will be discarded and will not be part of the receivables.

  2. Any major or big revision (e.g. changing any of the following: whole composition, pose, angle, style, big or half portion of the body, color blocking) will be considered as a "New Commission".

  3. Asking for a small or quick adjustment for free is not allowed. If you want to me to change something, even if it is tiny, it will be counted as a "Revision" or "Add-on". (e.g. adding tattoos, piercings, hair accessories, weapons, etc.)

  4. If I made any errors (e. g. If the description describe to draw ‘apple’, but I drew ‘banana’, that is an error) I will fix it for free.

  5. If the client wants any changes after the work is complete, it will be considered as "New Commission" and will be charged accordingly.

Receivables: PSD File with separated parts in layers and color adjustment layers only + Full Illustration in PNG Format, 3000 to 4000 px.

Estimated Turnover: 2 weeks to 1 month

Price ranges: minimum of $350 to $1000 (increase depends on the details or additional stuff and how much I will do to complete the work.)


  • Client can contact me thru discord or email to check up the project.

  • If the project has not been started yet or I cannot continue to work on the commission after payment, I will give the full refund.

  • Once the project has been started, there will be no refunds. Please be assured that while I will not be offering refund, the project will continue. So please make sure that you 100% want this commission.

By commissioning me, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

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